If you’re still wondering if you need to buy SSL certificate for your website or not — don’t think; just buy it! 

Security is and must be, one of the most important priorities for every website. A secure website not only helps you grow your business but also allows your website visitors to trust you. It adds credibility to your website, and your audience is more likely to share information and do business with you. One of the ways you can secure and protect your website is, purchase an SSL certificate. 

SSL or Secure Socket Layer, is a security protocol that encrypts all the data exchanged on your website. This protects the data shared on your website from third parties, cybercriminals or for that matter anyone outside your organization. From cyberthreats to scams, attacks to viruses and malware — security threats on the internet come in all shapes and sizes. An SSL purchase helps minimize these risks. 

When you buy an SSL certificate you don’t just secure your website but also visually let your customers know that you care about their safety and security. Your website url gets a lock and instead of ‘http’ you get ‘https’, where the ‘s’ stands for security. Just like this image: 

When you buy an SSL certificate your customers instantly know:

  1. They can trust you
  2. Your website is verified and secure
  3. Your website securely transfers sensitive data
  4. Credit card transactions are secured and safe
  5. Passwords and other data is secure

Additionally, when you purchase an SSL certificate you also help your website rank better! Google recognizes SSL as a mark of security and ranks SSL websites higher than the ones that do not have one. 

Cost of SSL certificate in India

If you’ve gone looking for ‘SSL certificate price in India’ or ‘cost of SSL certificate in India’ you may have been swamped from Rs 1 per day to Rs 1700 Per year results! There are a lot of people selling SSL certificates in India but your best bet is to trust and rely on someone who is known in the industry and offers you more than just SSL. 

Typically, most hosting service providers can help you get an SSL certificate in India. In fact, the best web hosting packages usually come with a Free SSL certificate. In case you still don’t have one, you can easily work with your hosting provider to get an SSL. 

If you’re a Bluehost customer and you’re looking to buy SSL certificate in India, here’s what you can do:

Renew and Purchase SSL certificate

You can renew or buy an SSL Certificate directly from your cPanel.

How to Buy SSL Certificate:

Please follow these steps to purchase an SSL Certificate

  1. Login to your Bluehost.in Control Panel
  2. Click Addons, in the main header.
  3. Search for SSL in the “Search for addon” search box.
  4. Under SSL certificates, click the “learn more” button.
  5. Click the “add to cart” button for the SSL certificate that fits your needs.

On the following page, you will need to choose the renewal option as well as the email address used to verify your SSL Certificate.

For added security measures we will send an email to the address chosen from the drop-down menu. In that e-mail, there will be a validation link to click on and a code to type in at that link.

The SSL certificate will not be installed until this process is completed.

Here’s a list of approved addresses:

  • The email address listed as your WHOIS contact

If none of these addresses exists, don’t worry; you can simply create them from Mail Manager, located in the Hosting tab, as shown here.

After you’ve followed the directions in the email, that’s all there is to it! Your SSL will be automatically installed, configured and enabled for your use.

How to Renew your SSL Certificate:

From the available options, select “Renew Now.” Your certificate will be added to the shopping cart, after which you’ll be able to proceed through the checkout process. SSL Certificates are ₹3588.00, and require a Dedicated IP address before adding.

On the next screen, there is a drop-down box with a list of email addresses. As part of the validation process, you will need to follow the directions in an email sent to one of these addresses. This is a required security feature by the issuing SSL provider. Until these directions in the email are followed, the SSL will not be activated on your account.

Here’s a list of approved addresses:

  • Your email address listed in your profile

If none of these addresses exists, don’t worry; you can simply create them from cPanel -> Mail -> Email Accounts

After you’ve followed the directions in the email, that’s all there is to it! Your SSL will be automatically installed, configured and enabled for your use.

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