Web hosting allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web pages onto the internet. A web hosting service provider will offer you plans that come with the technologies and services needed to make your website or webpage viewable and interactive.

Web hosting does not have to be expensive as long as you’re choosing the right plan and provider. The right hosting plan for you will depend on the type of business you’re running. For example, an owner of a company that has a brochure-like, informational website rather than an e-commerce site won’t benefit from a hosting plan tailored towards small eCommerce businesses. Different businesses will come with different web hosting needs. There’s no benefit to opting for a deal on a hosting plan that isn’t suited to your websites.

Getting the best deal for hosting depends on various factors. Since there are different hosting options to choose from, there are many variables at play.

For example, you can start a simple WordPress blog at a low price with shared hosting. Once your blog has more popularity and attracts greater traffic, you can upgrade to a VPS or dedicated hosting plan.

Therefore, in order to get the best deal for hosting, you need to get acquainted with the types of hosting first.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is amongst the most popular types of web hosting. A shared hosting plan can be the perfect plan for those on a budget, since sharing space and resources with other websites on the same server makes it an affordable choice.

Take into consideration an instructor or a consultant who needs an engaging website describing their services and accolades, with a domain name that reflects their profession. Their website will have to be a powerful marketing tool and a core part of their service delivery. Such individuals could opt for plans that include low-cost domain registration and access to website building tools and WordPress. A shared web hosting plan can be the perfect match. However, if you’re the owner of an education or a development institute’s website, a scalable VPS hosting plan would be more suitable for handling dynamic content and large number of page visits.

For brick-and-mortar businesses, a website helps establish an online presence with a professional domain name. It becomes a landing page for users responding to PPC advertising, email offers, and social media outreach. A basic shared hosting plan can be sufficient for a small business looking to only showcase their products and services on their website and not sell them.
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VPS Hosting

VPS hosting uses virtualisation to create a virtual dedicated server. It uses resources from multiple physical servers that are being shared with other websites. A VPS server gives root access to the user for performing commands and making configuration changes.

Businesses involving eCommerce would have specialized hosting requirements as their website will be playing an important role in the marketing and selling of products. For such website owners, a basic shared hosting plan may not be sufficient. They could opt for a VPS hosting plan. Additionally, WordPress hosting plans offer professionally designed eCommerce themes, and can be used to create beautiful, functional interfaces.

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Dedicated Hosting

If you want to manage a large news website or a large business website which receives massive traffic, you can go for dedicated hosting plans. They come with better speed, customization, and security. Dedicated hosting plans provide you with an entire physical server. You get access to a complete server and all of its storage and processing power. You can even customise the server as per your requirements, as a result of the full root access that is provided. Dedicated hosting plans, therefore, let you ensure great performance, but at the same time, are the most expensive amongst hosting plans. It is suggested to choose dedicated hosting plans only if you are expecting massive growth and traffic.

Getting the best deal for hosting

The type of industry you want your website to represent, the amount of expected monthly visitors, and the type of services you need will largely determine your hosting price.

It is best to start small and then scale up. But you need not opt for the lowest costing plan. You could begin mid-range with a VPS hosting plan and then upgrade to a dedicated one. It all depends upon where you are at the moment. If you don’t need a lot of premium features that many well-established websites might be using, it is best not to choose a dedicated hosting plan.

Additionally, you should also plan for the future. If your website is expected to witness a surge in traffic anytime soon, it would be best to move up and be ready to avoid last moment issues in site performance, downtime, and security.

The key to getting the best deal for hosting is understanding what you need. Offers and discounts can help you reduce the cost, but early evaluation of your website goals is primary. For help on choosing your hosting type and getting the best deals, connect with our experts today.

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