Managing multiple clients and websites as a web professional can be a difficult job. As your business grows, the process becomes increasingly complex. The Web Pro access enables you as the admin to keep track of usernames and passwords, manage the themes and plugins, and also take care of patches and updates across a fleet of websites. This means that you will require a variety of tools, software and dashboards. Well, with Maestro, you will be able to avoid all of that.

If you have a lot of tools and software to help you manage your websites, you might need to have multiple heads working in WordPress roles. If you can minimize the time you spend on your website management, you can spend your time on business expansion. The Maestro platform from Bluehost is designed to help take care of this problem. The entire web development business is brought down to a single dashboard. This helps you focus on clients and grow your business without a lot of administrative overheads.

Grant the Web Pro Access with Maestro

The Maestro platform is one-of-a-kind from Bluehost. It has been designed to help the Web pro organize the maintain the websites with a single dashboard. However, before you can use Maestro, you will need to grant web access and describe the level of access with web pro. You would need WordPress FTP access.

How would you grant access?

If you would like to grant access to manage the website from your account, you will receive an email with a secure link or key that is generated in the Maestro dashboard. However, it would depend on where the website is hosted. If you have hosted with Bluehost, then you would receive a secured link. If you have hosted somewhere else, you will receive a secured key. You will have to follow the instructions in the email if you would like to grant access to the editor role WordPress from Bluehost’s Maestro account. The instructions might vary depending on the link or key.

The level of WordPress Access will change

With Maestro, you are requesting for a WordPress administrator role. As soon as you use the Secure Key / Secure Link, the access will be granted. This access gives you the power to add, delete and change content. Now, you can also download, activate, and modify the existing plugins and themes. You can also upgrade or update the system.

The Maestro account is free and is separate from the existing accounts with Bluehost. If you are having problems setting up your web pro and having a lot of administrative overheads, the Maestro account is something to consider and choose. You get one-click access to the WordPress admin of all the websites that you manage. You would no longer need to log into separate client sites. This one-click login allows access to multiple sites from a central hub, making it extremely simple to track changes; it helps you develop, design, and update quicker.


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