Choosing the right WordPress Hosting Plan defines the performance of your website and with it the growth of your business. Your website is like a house and web hosting is the foundation. Hence your website will determine the type of WordPress hosting plan you should opt for. Hence, price should not be your only defining factor.

Here are essential features to look for when choosing a WordPress Hosting Plan.

Ease of use

A user-friendly control panel can go a long way. It should be easy to navigate and accessible on multiple (if not all) devices. This will enable you to manage your website wherever you are. Imagine the comfort of installing, patching and updating plugins and themes in a matter of seconds using a one-click installer. You could save an enormous amount of time which you could dedicate towards your business.


There’s also the matter of updating your website. With Bluehost, you don’t have to worry if you have the latest WordPress version. Your new account is automatically connected to the latest version of WordPress followed by automatic timely updates, ensuring you have the most recent features available. 

Top-notch security

WordPress is quite popular, and hence, a lot of users worldwide are opting for WordPress Hosting Plans. Cybercriminals are aware of this too. 

Experts have stated that WordPress sites face around 90,000 attacks per minute. A good WordPress Hosting service will ensure their plan will include first-rate security to protect your site from malicious activity.

This should include:

  1. SSL certificates that encrypt data, transferred between your server and a user’s browser. Bluehost offers a free SSL Certificate with every WordPress Hosting Plan. It marks your website as secure with a padlock icon, which is displayed beside the web address.
  2. A WordPress application firewall detects and fixes vulnerabilities and threats before they cause problems. Regular security scans protect your website from virus attacks and malware.
  3. Protection against data loss with daily backups carried out automatically. Backups should be carried out on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Regular backups make the latest data available for a quick restore in case of any unforeseen event.

Expert Technical Customer Support 

Customer support should not be taken lightly. Even the slightest website issue can greatly impact your business. Hence you need a WordPress Hosting Plan that offers expert assistance to deal with issues.

Having someone to reach out to, day or night can help reduce the damage.

Other features to look for include:

  • Ample storage
  • Great uptime
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Plenty of themes
  • A staging environment

The WordPress Hosting Plan you choose will determine your website’s performance. Therefore, when you opt for a WordPress plan, go for one that is easy to use and manage, comes with the latest updates, has top-notch security, and is supported by a strong support team. Considering the information shared above will help you choose better. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when choosing a WordPress Hosting Plan, that’s why Bluehost has a range of plans to suit your needs. They offer automatic WordPress updates, Microsoft 365 subscription, free domain for a year, and other features. Click here to know more.

For more information, head to the WordPress Tutorials page and browse through a large repository of helpful resources and blogs.


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