What is ionCube?

ionCube is a software that encrypts all your pages and files. Post encryption, the files can load on the server only when the ionCube loader program library in installed on the server. ionCube comes already installed on all of our servers. Prior to your scripts using ionCube, you will need to generate a new php.ini file with Ioncube already configured.

Steps to install ionCube PHP encoder:

  1.     Log in to your Bluehost.in cPanel account.
  2.     Look for the Programming section.
  3.     Select the PHP Config tool.
  4.     Click on the box labeled “IonCube” within “Additional extensions available for Installation”
  5.     Hit “SAVE CHANGES”

Note: If you already have a file that’s labeled php.ini in the public_html folder, the system will automatically rename the file and add the new one.

Note: For any of these changes to be applied to any site or files hosted outside of public_html directory, you will have to make changes to your php settings to use Single php.ini or FastCGI. For more understanding and instructions on how to get this done, please refer to the article PHP Config


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